Our Process

Thoughtfully Curated

purposeful - thoughtful - sustainable

We seek to respect our world and all its creatures; we promise to give back more than we take; and we vow to sow new meaning in fibers crafted intentionally for you, and for all those who connect in the intimacy of your art.

how it started

I met my husband in 2015 and he inspired me to dive deep into my love of textiles by introducing me to his family sheep farm, where we now gather the wool my art is made from. I relished in studying the history of fiber arts, its historic applications, and modern techniques.

Since opening MHD, I have dedicated myself to creating nature inspired, timeless, quality art that is symbolic of my connection with nature. It is my hope, that through my work, you may feel the warm, welcoming, soothing vibrations of the earth and all it has to offer us.

what sustainability means to us

Not only do we focus on creating timeless, long-lasting products with zero waste, we also work hard to sourcing sustainable fibers and working with other like-minded businesses in the United States.

Local supply chain

We start with fibers directly off of our sheep farm in northern Pennsylvania, then curate fibers from local hand spinners, dyers + other types of textile farm animals such as sheep, goats & alpacas

recycled fibers

Most of the fibers used in our wall hangings are purchased from a US based company that takes leftover waste from the garment industry and turns it in to beautifully recycled, top quality yarn and rope.

Biodegradable product packaging

Your items will ship in recycled boxes, biodegradable mailers + non- plasic tape.

community support + donations

Here at MHD, we LOVE our senior rescue dogs! We adopt the elderly/hospice dogs directly out of the rescue and spoil them for the rest of their lives, no matter how long that may be.

We also make monthly donations & to shelters all over the United States.