commissioned artwork for hotel interiors, large scale art and home decor commissioned artwork for hotel interiors, large scale art and home decor

commissioned art

Crafted with Intention

Custom Fiber Art

When commissioning custom fiber art, you are not just buying another piece of art: you are crafting a statement of your identity. Through a collaborative process, we will co-construct a piece of art to evoke the memories, energy, and connection that inspire you.
The composition, color palette, and knotting and weaving patterns are tailored to fit the style of your intimate or communal environment.

the process


In a series of phone, email, and in person conversations, we will determine product type, style, size, color palette, and techniques


After receipt of a 50% project deposit, I will begin hand-crafting your artwork. Creation can take 3 to 6 weeks depending on the difficulty of design + scale of project. During this time, I will send you numerous photos of the work in progress and make any necessary changes.


For artwork created in-studio, I carefully package your artwork in sustainable materials and ship worldwide. All project fees are due PRIOR TO SHIPMENT. No order will be shipped until final approval is given.

hospitality design

Since MossHound Designs’ inception in 2015, I have worked with various hotels, venues, event hosts, and home-owners to create one of a kind installation art.

Though I am located in Florida, I am willing to travel to select locations for installation.

For packageable works, we ship worldwide.

Artwork that compliments or integrates with the architecture of your space is a unique, show-stopping way to create a memorable experience for all those who enjoy your space.

where can you find our work?

The Drake @ Adobe Meadows- Houston, Texas

Coen + Columbia- Vancouver, Washington

Lantana Uptown Apartments- Oakland, California

H Bar Hyatt House- Tampa, Florida

Ski Chalet- Stowe, Vermont

The Rodney Apartments- Portland, OR

Alta Arlo Apartments- Seattle, Washington

The Beachcomber Restort- St. Pete Beach

along with numerous AirBnb's across the globe... London, Australia + Sweden to name a few!