Commissioned Art

the process

commissioned artwork for hotel interiors, large scale art and home decor


In a series of phone, email, and in person conversations, we will determine product type, style, size, color palette, and techniques to bring your vision to life. You can also send me any paint & fabric swatches and/or photos of your space.


During the creation prociess, I will send you photos of your work in progress. It is here that you can change or alter any colors or sections of your art as you see fit.

Final approval

I will put the finishing touches on your piece and send you a photograph for your approval. No commissions will ship until final approval is given.

let's collaborate

Commission + custom artwork inquiry

Follow the link to submit a formal request for artwork. Current wait time is 4-5 weeks.

Thank you for your interest!

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on-site Creation

let us help you with

Custom Event Decor

Some ideas for you

Though my artwork is diverse in tone and methods, my works are comprised of three primary sources of inspiration: landscapes, earthy textures, and retro fashion & design.

Each of my three collections are characterized by unique colors, textures, and the overall sensations they evoke

scenes of the earth


Inspired by full views of places in
the world- mountains, meadows and rolling hills- These pieces are created using colors and patterns that are true to the environment we are emulating. Bringing a Modern Rustic aesthetic to your space.

textures of our natural world

earthy textures

70s fashion + design


Hello avocado green paired with burnt orange, dusty blue and mustard yellow. Bringing that mid-century modern aesthetic to life.